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  1. Message: This is the third time I have contacted you about my order #136022. I ordered 4 items, could only d/l 2 of them. The third one, I already had purchased and d/l in the past, but the 4th one will not let me d/l. It has been saying “never” expires, but now says I have 0 d/l left. I have not received my design and I’m getting upset. I am an Embroidery Instructor and I’m asked all the time about websites and designs, so it won’t be good for me to be upset! I need that design! I’ve paid for it through PayPal and I want it right away! Please look into this ASAP!

    1. I have sent you these files 3 times! I don’t know why you are not getting them! I Just Sent Them Again Today At 1.53 pm

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